Ulster Human Rights Watch

The Advocacy Service of the Ulster Human Rights Watch Advocacy Service was established in 2013 to support families across Northern Ireland who have been bereaved or have had members physically and/or mentally injured as a result of terrorism during the period known as ‘The Troubles’.

Based in Brownlow House, Lurgan, we provide a service across Northern Ireland with a client base throughout the UK and internationally.

We do not charge for any of our services, which are currently funded by PEACE IV (SEUPB) and the Victims and Survivors Programme (VSS).

It is important to note that the services we provide are not legal services. Furthermore, the service provided is exclusively advocacy and we do not provide any other trauma-related support services. We do however support our clients through a guaranteed referral process to verified partners specialising in other services.

Truth and Justice for Victims and Survivors of Terrorism



Truth and justice for victims and survivors of terrorism.


Advocacy which attains closure for victims and survivors of terrorism.


To resolve complex case issues to the satisfaction of victims and survivors of terrorism by applying a principle-based approach.
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