Legacy of the Past Record

Legacy of the Past Record

Introduction to the Legacy of the Past Record (LPR)

The Legacy of the Past Record has been created by the Ulster Human Right Watch Advocacy Service and deposited in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI). It comprises records of the experiences of individuals who were impacted by the troubles in Northern Ireland.

The Legacy of the Past Record aims to fill a gap in current knowledge about the impact terrorism had and is still having on the victims of terrorism in Northern Ireland, the rest of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The family reports that have been included in the Legacy of the Past Record are a source of information that can benefit future generations in preventing radicalisation and promoting education. It is a valuable source of information for teachers, students and researchers, in the development of educational programmes.

The legacy of the Past Record gathers testimonies and stories from victims of terrorism, civilians and members of the security forces. It gives a voice to many innocent victims who have never been heard and whose experiences can become a force for good. It shows the impact of terrorism on innocent people and also on including members of the security forces, the need to oppose terrorism, and the futile pursuit of any aim having recourse to acts of terrorism.

It is hoped that it contributes to the furtherance of a peaceful society in Northern Ireland.


How to access the UHRW Legacy of the Past Record (LPR) in PRONI:

1. Google ‘PRONI’

2. Once on PRONI Website click ‘eCatalogue’

3. Then click ‘Search PRONI’s eCatalogue’

4. Then click on the green box ‘Search the eCatalogue’

5. Insert the UHRW LPR code in the (bottom line) box ‘PRONI Ref’: D4791

6. Click ‘search’ and then ‘More’ to provide you with a short description of the LPR

7. Then click ‘Browse’ (on the top right-hand side) to access the 9 narratives

8. Insert in the box ‘Input a PRONI reference’: D4791/1/1

9. Click ‘search’ and the list of all 9 reports will appear

10. Then for each report listed click ‘More’ for short description of the report and on the same page bottom left on the line ‘Digital Record’ click ‘view’ to access the report, the ‘Copying and Copyright Declaration’ will appear, click ‘I agree’ and the report can then be opened on your screen.

For quick access to each report individually go to the following link: Search Page

Then under ‘PRONI Ref’ type in the UHRW LPR code ‘D4791’ then to view the actual reports you need to add /1/1 after the code in order to access the 9 reports separately as follows:

D4791/1/1  – Ned Gibson

D4791/1/2 – Herron

D4791/1/3 – James McCurrie

D4791/1/4 – Ruby Johnston

D4791/1/5 – Spence McGarry

D4791/1/6 – Joseph McIlwaine

D4791/1/7 – Cyril Murray

D4791/1/8 – Colin Nicholl

D4791/1/9 – Paul Rodgers



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