Ulster Human Rights Watch (UHRW) is calling on local political parties to keep berating and embarrassing the Government over its failure to secure compensation for victims of Libyan-backed atrocities.

UHRW Advocacy Manager, Axel Schmidt, said: “The Government’s track record on delivering compensation for innocent victims of acts of terrorism enabled by the Gaddafi regime is shameful and morally indefensible.

“Victims of Semtex bombs and armaments supplied to PIRA by Gaddafi are not so much shunted to the back of the queue as shoved into the ‘forgotten’ box.

“It seems the Government wants them to go away and those of us who care simply cannot believe any British Government would treat its people in such a cavalier and callous fashion.

“It is heartless. It is callous. It is monstrous. Ulster Human Rights Watch is calling on all Northern Ireland parties who care about the plight of innocent victims of terrorism to berate and embarrass a Government that doesn’t care.

“This Government should be called out at every opportunity, whether on the floor of the House of Commons or in Select Committees. We demand answers. The big question is why the Government won’t do what the American, German and French administrations have already done in securing millions of pounds in compensation for their victims of Libyan-backed terrorism.

“It’s time the Prime Minister got a grip on this intolerable situation and showed compassion to British people, particularly those in Northern Ireland, who suffered appallingly at the hands of PIRA terrorists using Libyan explosives and armaments to inflict pain and suffering on innocent people.”