Ulster Human Rights Watch (UHRW) is calling on the Republic of Ireland Government to admit its own dark past in the continuing legacy debate.

UHRW Advocacy Manager, Axel Schmidt, said: “Dublin has some nerve lecturing anyone about the past and their own failings and misdeeds.

“Dublin should commit itself to being an honest broker in this debate. The Republic of Ireland has questions to answer about murders that took place on their own soil and alleged collusion that took place between agents of their State and republican terrorists.

“The Dublin Government should endeavour to have a positive input. Soldiers and others were abducted and taken across the border to be brutally interrogated and murdered. Then their bodies were transported back and dumped across the border.

“Where were the investigations by the Gardai? Why was extradition blocked at every turn? Why is Dublin not ready to admit to its grubby past with a view to delivering for victims of terrorism?

“Now, of course, we have Ministers lecturing the British Government on legacy matters when their own track-record is stained and kept under lock and key.

“UHRW request that Dublin open its records and do what Belfast has already done by making information freely available about terrorist attacks launched from the Republic of Ireland and the cloak of secrecy that was thrown over its ‘blind eye’ support for republican terrorists.

“It is time for Dublin to stop lecturing, to shine a light on its own dark past and fulfil its human rights obligations in compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights.”