A Northern Ireland human rights body is calling on all innocent victims left physically or psychologically injured during the ‘Troubles’ to respond to the Government’s Consultation on a Victims’ Payments Scheme.

Ulster Human Rights Watch (UHRW), which is based in Lurgan, said there are only ten days left to respond to the Consultation and it was vitally important to register opinions and views.

UHRW Advocacy Manager, Axel Schmidt, “We would have liked to see the consultation period extended to allow more time for victims and organisations to deliver responses, but that is unlikely to happen.

“That means the pressure is on to meet the 26th November deadline. This is too big an issue to be ignored or let go by default. The consultation can be done online or a written submission can be made.

“Either way, Ulster Human Rights Watch can help you make your views known on the proposed compensation scheme. Is it fit for purpose? Are the monetary amounts satisfactory? Is there enough in the scheme to exclude people injured ‘by their own hand’?

“The last thing we want is to see the completely unacceptable situation where terrorists are rewarded for their actions. The Government has given assurances on this front but we must be certain there is no wriggle room for the gunmen or bombers to qualify for payments.

“We would urge you most strongly to make a submission. We can advise on how to make sure your voice is heard and also assist in completing the consultation on your behalf.”    

Ulster Human Rights Watch services are free and they can be contacted on: 028 3834 4500 or by email: info@uhrw.org.uk