Ulster Human Rights Watch (UHRW) took part in yesterday’s European Memorial Day for victims of terrorism.

The event took place at La Mon House Hotel where, on 17th February 1978, twelve people were killed and twenty-three injured in a PIRA incendiary bomb attack, classified as a crime against humanity.

The Memorial Day was organised by Jim Allister MLA. It took the form of a minute’s silence in memory of murdered victims followed by some victims who told their stories.

UHRW Advocacy Manager, Axel Schmidt, said: “It is important to remember what happened and the terrible price that was paid by innocent victims of terrorism.

“There have been barbaric acts perpetrated by terrorists from all sides and today, we are left with hundreds of victims, many of whom have to live with appalling injuries that affect them every day of their lives.

“This year’s Memorial Day took place at La Mon House where the barbarity of the PIRA was exposed as a crime against humanity. Sadly, those who were most seriously injured in the La Mon bombing could not attend this event because of the trauma they are still suffering from. A huge price was paid by decent, law-abiding people at the hands of those who thought nothing of planting bombs and murdering and maiming innocent people.

“I am grateful to Mr Allister and his staff for once again organising this important annual Day of Remembrance in Northern Ireland. It is a dignified event and Ulster Human Rights Watch is honoured to have been asked to participate in it.”