Survivors and relatives of the La Mon bombing have gathered to mark the forty-fifth anniversary of the terrorist atrocity.

Twelve people perished and thirty were injured in the PIRA incendiary bomb attack.

The group gathered at Lisburn Civic Centre and took part in a short religious Service followed by the laying of floral tributes at a seat bench which commemorates the horrific event.

The event was organised by Ulster Human Rights Watch which advocates and campaigns on behalf of innocent victims of terrorism.

UHRW Advocacy Manager, Axel Schmidt, said: “This annual commemoration is a solemn occasion when we can remember those innocent people who were murdered and those who were left with appalling, life-changing burn injuries.

“This was cold-blooded savagery that should never be forgotten. We have asked for a Public Inquiry into what happened and have been met with rejection and delays at every turn.

“We find this inexplicable as do the victims and survivors of La Mon, and their wider family circles.

“Today, we renew our demand for a Public Inquiry to get answers to important questions around those involved and alleged collusion. The people we represent deserve nothing less.

“We have people who continue to live with horrific injuries. For them, there should be full disclosure of information held by the Police, and even if there is only the slenderest of prospects to secure convictions, then that should be pursued to conclusion.

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